5 Things to Remember While Filing Traffic Accident Claims

by admin on June 16, 2010

Filing traffic accident claims is considered to be tricky since there are many laws and regulations that claimants have to remember so that their claim is accepted. This article will elaborate on 5 important things that will make it easier for claimants to file successful claims.

#1 – The amount of compensation given to the claimant will depend on a few pre-decided factors. The first pre-decided factor is the type of injury sustained by the claimant. Claimants who have suffered serious back or neck injuries will be offered a larger compensation compared to claimants who have got fractured bones. The second pre-decided factor is the amount of money the claimant has spent on medical expenses as a result of the traffic related accident. If the claimant has not worked due to the accident and as a result he has lost wages then the claimant will be compensated for lost wages. If the claimant was not employed at that particular time he can still be compensated for lost wages if he can prove that he could have earned a certain amount if he was employed but he couldn’t as a result of the road traffic accident.

#2 – Claimants are allowed to file traffic accident claims within 3 years from the road accident but claimants are always advised to file the claim at the earliest since by waiting till the last minute the claimant may forget important information related to the claim. By waiting till the last minute claimants also risk the possibility of not finding a good solicitor to help them with their claims.

#3 – Claimants should remember that although their insurance company will help them with traffic accident claims, these insurance companies will do only certain things and majority of the work has to be done by the claimant. By being rude with the insurance company representatives’ claimants risk the possibility of their claims being rejected.

#4 – If the claimant is interested in getting help for the claim then it is always better to opt for professional help from a legal advisor. Personal injury solicitors make life a lot simpler for claimants by offering useful suggestions, tips and legal advice. Personal injury solicitors also represent the claimant in court and they find documents or proof to strengthen the claimant’s plea for compensation.

#5 – Claimants do not need to worry about paying heavy legal fees to legal advisors since most traffic accident solicitors offer no win no fee services. These services allow claimants to enjoy free legal services if they win or even lose the case. Accident settlement companies usually provide free legal services along with no obligatory services that allow claimants to get legal advice even if the claimant doesn’t hire a lawyer from the company.

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