Accident Attorney – What Are the Chances of Your Claim Getting Approved

by allan46 on September 22, 2011

Accidents do happen anytime and anywhere.  Serious accidents result in serious physical injuries, sometimes wrongful deaths. If an accident has happened to you, an accident attorney can explain your rights for compensation and potential liabilities for the parties involved.  If you have questions such as:  Whose fault caused the accident? Should I file a claim?  Do I need a lawyer? What are my chances of getting approved?  A qualified accident attorney can answer all your questions. The most critical element in an accident claim is the degree of fault. A lawyer can help determine who was at fault in the accident.


Depending on the state where you are living, determining the degree of fault of the parties involved may vary. The state of Michigan, for example, has complex accident laws that may seem confusing for an accident victim to fully understand. An accident attorney understands fully well the state’s laws and can help establish what party is responsible for any accident injury or wrongful death that results for that party’s negligence. If you think that your case is an easy one and you’re better off handling it yourself.  However, what you should remember is that the insurance companies are tough to fight.  Their aim is to settle as little as possible, if they would settle at all. 



You don’t have to deal with insurance companies.  The accident attorney will do that task for you.  You can devote your time on healing yourself from the accident. He will explain to you the accident laws and reports to make you understand your rights. And, most of all, the accident attorney will ensure that you get the maximum benefits that you need and deserve.


Meanwhile, if you have been injured while in a workplace, you also have the right to be compensated. If you are filing a claim for compensation, it is better to consult with a Workman’s Compensation lawyer so you’ll have a greater chance of your claim getting approved and obtain greater benefits. As in other kinds of accidents, it will be the insurance companies that you will be communicating with.  And as you might already know, insurance companies vigorously fight against payment of compensation, denying valid claims and trying to settle as little as possible. A Workman’s Compensation lawyer will protect you from these companies’ abuse.


With the assistance of a Workman’s Compensation lawyer, you can pursue a claim for your accident injury that occurred while you are on the job.  Even if you may feel that you caused the accident, you still have the right to receive damages.  And, if you have been denied the compensation, your Workman’s Compensation lawyer can help you appeal this denial.


Other instances where you can seek the help of a Workman’s Compensation lawyer are (1) when you’re forced back to work even you’re not yet healed, (2) you’re not allowed to consult a medical specialist, (3) you suffered pain, stress and too many medications, and (4) refused a claim form for your injury.

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