Do I have to go to the doctor if I file a Bodily Injury Claim after an accident?

by admin on September 16, 2010

Yesterday, I got rear ended while waiting to turn into my workplace’s parking lot- the other driver and I already established that he was at fault. At the time, I didn’t feel much pain, but after a couple of hours my shoulders and neck started to become really sore. I let my insurance adjuster know as well as the other driver’s adjuster. I really don’t feel like it’s bad enough to go to the hospital, so I asked my adjuster if I HAD to go to the doctor and he said that I really didn’t. Is that true? I’m not trying to get a huge payout, I just really feel that the pain is from the accident.

I’ve never been in an accident while driving, so I’m not sure how this works now. We both agreed that calling the police was unnecessary- I really just wanted to get back to work. I work at a school, by the way, and was coming back from my break and all the students had just been dismissed- so most of them saw.
Update: Saw my doctor/got pain pills and muscle relaxers.

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Scott H September 16, 2010 at 5:14 pm

No insurance company is going to compensate you under bodily injury without you proving you had a loss. Just saying "my back hurts" isn’t going to cut it.

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