Do you think that I have a right to be angry?

by admin on October 8, 2010

Okay, so pretty much what happened is that I think my boss is going to fire me. He had been giving me hints about that and I am guessing that perhaps I should leave. Tell me whether you think he treated me badly and whether I was right to talk back at him.

Okay, so I have a boss who got in a motorvehicle accident and that he is paralyzed from the neck down. In the past, he offered me to work at his place but that I needed training so he made me work two months free of charge. What I pretty much did was I pumped the ventilator in order to make him breathe properly. He said taht I was good at synchronizing the ventilator as opposed to other people and he praised me for it, but he used to work me 12-14 hours a day with me continuously using the ventilator. He did not even give me money for transportation either. I asked him to write a letter regarding my psychological status (I was a patient there) and he charged me $ 200. But he said that he was going to do it "free of charge" becuase of me working there. Then, I happened to leave the clinic and a year later, I went back again because he suddenly had not alot of peopel to work for him and he needed me. I started working for him but he kept on putting down another worker on front of me, telling her, "you stupid idiot, I am surprised that you graduated from university because you made such stupid mistakes". He also kept on giving everybody mental stress by commenting and yelling about small little mistakes of performance, even though he would not explain properly or he would expect people to remember thigns he would tell him only once. I felt sorry for him because he was handicapped and I endured his demeaning behavior. He used me for two weeks even and continued to want to use me for a month, but when I said that I was going to quit it was then when he decided to pay for me. Throughout the entire time he kept on telling me about how he wanted to commit suicide and how he wanted to die, and then it later turned into flirtatious advances by telling me how it would be like if a 65 year old man marry a 25 year old girl. I ignored them. I also heard him telling me and laughing behind the patient’s back, telling me that they were "fucking stupid" and that "they deserved to kill themselves or die from their illness". Later, he said that he would give me a raise and he didn’t follow through with it, so the next month I asked for it, and he grudgingly granted me a 50 cent raise. Around that time, he humiliated me on front of everyone, telling them, "what’s the name of that girl?" and telling them that I was bad at korean and needed to go to school to properly learn it. Considering the fact that he gave me 10.50 an hour, I was still grateful for him. Then, one day, he yelled at me for making a small mistake in writing the prescription and threatened to charge me a penalty fee for doing it. I yelled back at him and said that other employers don’t treat their employees liek this and insult them. A week after that he told me not to come to work for a day, and then yesterday he kept on telling me how he fired 4 other employees because of the mistakes they had made and how he hated one girl who was working for him…. He insulted her, put her down, called her a failure, etc… She worked at the clinic for the longest time, but he never gave her a single raise.

At the clinic, we have to cook for him, feed him, feed him coffee, clean up the clinic, maintain everything in working order, get his mail, deal with his real estate, deal with his house maintenance, manage his accounting, write prescriptions, write initial assessments reports and progress notes, write other relevent information such as legal information, etc. And the pay is very low.

I feel that I was right to yell back at him for his crappy treatment of everyone in the workplace. People dont’ respect him and they had been using his money without his knowledge to buy things for themselves. They also say so much crap behind his back. What do you think of him?

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Scorpio October 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

Of course you have all rights to be angry. Some koreans are rude, especially in work settings. They think just because their the boss, they can tell others what to do. Or because they are older than you.

Anyways to be more specific, your boss clearly violated common courtesy by criticizing his employees without giving them specific information on where they went wrong.

But thats actually part of korean culture. People expect you to learn and do things without asking much. Their languages are highly contextual. But the thing is, how are you suppose to do the right thing if the boss isn’t being specific?

IMO your boss is a miserable basterd who’s pissed because of his paralysis. His misfortune should not be the excuse for his inapproporate behavior towards his employees.

Are you in korea? or a korean?

No Real Help October 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

You have a right to be anything you want … whether it is justified or not is something else.

Quite a story.

Brandon G October 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

karma has a way of getting back at people. You have a right to be angry and maybe he will see the wrongs he has did to others and maybe just maybe he will feel terrible for what he did.

woody October 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

I think you have a right to stand up for yourself, but you are doing it in an ineffective manner. Don’t yell, just don’t tolerate either. Do your job to the best of your abilities, and when he is abusing you simply state that you wont be spoken to like that. For example if he yells at you to fetch something say in a strong but not yelling voice that you wont be spoken to like that, and then wait until he says it without yelling at you, and then do it without saying another word. If you do this without fail he will stop abusing you, or he will fire you, in which case you sue him for wrongful dismissal.
I would also tell him when someone is stealing from him. Imagine being able to do nothing for yourself and having your workers do this to you. As for what they say behind his back, we all say stuff about our bosses, this does not need to be told back to him.
Granted the pay is low, but it is a job, something hard to find at the moment. I think if you treat him with respect, demand that he treat you with respect (just do it like I said until he does), you will get on better and have a much better chance of future pay rises and a good reference. If you can find something better then take it, otherwise I think this is your best option. Good luck.

Royal Inquiry October 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

If thats the WHOLE story then yeah, its not politically/morally incorrect to be mad.
But maybe you have a bad part of the story too.

Carolyn October 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

What do I think of him? All I’m feeling is hostility toward him. I think the employees are getting back at him good, using his money without his knowledge as long as he pays them lousy and treats them like dirt! I just hope they don’t get caught.

ALL these people at the clinic cater to this bum, maybe you could all get together and stop doing things for him, go on strike. You are all people, and there’s no excuse for him to hurt you like he does just because he’s handicapped. He just knows he can get away with being the jerk he is because of your pity toward the poor handicapped boss. If that won’t work, on that year you were away from the clinic did you have another job? Maybe you could get a job there again, away from this jerk.

Maybe he is going through hell being handicapped and it got him bitter and angry and hurting, and needs some kind of therapy. Or he is just using his handicap to take advantage of people like his employees, and its working. I don’t think it’s my place to judge him. Just hope you can all get away from him unless he straightens up!

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