Fall in Health and Safety Inspections Concern from Workplace Accident Claim Lawyers

by admin on July 27, 2010

A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that in the past nine years the number of inspections and ensuing prosecutions carried out by the Health and Safety Executive has dropped, prompting concerns from some workplace accident claim lawyers that not enough is being done to safeguard workers, particularly those in higher risk industries such as construction.

The freedom of information requests showed that the number of inspections carried out fell 70% from 75,252 in 1999-2000 to just 23,004 in 2008-2009. Throughout a similar period the number of prosecutions fell from 1,986 to 1,090.

This information has naturally raised concerns that the Health and Safety Executive is not sending out the clear message it once did about the standards of safety it demands. There are also concerns that reducing inspections and prosecutions may in turn reduce compliance and reverse the trend over recent years of reducing numbers of workplace accidents, claim several high profile workplace accident claim solicitors.

A spokesperson for the Health and Safety Executive claimed that the figures obtained by the freedom of information request were misleading. The HSE, she said, use other types of intervention as well as inspection in order that they can tailor their approach to the different industries and called on the reduction of industries as evidence that their approach is working.

Thousands of people are seriously injured every year in the workplace, leaving many unable to work and relying solely on compensation won in their workplace accident claim. The effects of workplace accidents are far reaching as they can impact on whole families.

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Making an accident claim is often the right course of action for people who are injured at work because of their employer’s negligence. It is of course, always adviseable to consult a well qualified solicitor with experience in this area of the law.
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