Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Claim Solicitors

by admin on October 11, 2010

Before hiring claim solicitors it is very important for claimants to know a few things about these legal professionals. This article will answer all or most of your questions about hiring accident claim solicitors.

What services do accident claim lawyers offer?
Accident claim lawyers offer a variety of personal injury services. Personal injury services include road accident help, work accident help, slip or fall help and medical negligence help. While some solicitors prefer specializing in one service other claim solicitors may offer 2 or more legal services. Some accident claim companies offer both personal injury help and criminal injury help. Claimants are always advised to opt for a solicitor or an accident claim company who offers the maximum number of legal services.

Where can I find free personal injury help?
There are numerous claim solicitors in UK that offer no win no fee services. These solicitors do not charge any fees for their services and they help claimants get maximum compensation. In addition no win no fee solicitors also offer no obligatory services through which claimants can ask the selected solicitor a few questions before committing to hire him. This service is offered to help claimants understand which solicitor is right for them. Usually both claim companies and independent solicitors offer the free services mentioned above.

How much compensation can I get?
If the accident has occurred due to no fault of the claimant and the accident has caused the claimant to suffer from an injury then in most cases the claimant can get 100% compensation. The compensation amount will depend on a few variable factors like the type of injury sustained, the severity of the injury sustained and if the claimant is also claiming for lost wages or any other additional compensation. Claimants should note that no fee help may not be provided for, medical negligence claims, clinical negligence claims and dental malpractice claims. Claimants should also note that while it may not be possible to get 100% compensation for these claims, solicitors will try to get maximum compensation for claimants.

What is the advantage of opting for an accident claim company?
Many claimants prefer opting for claim solicitors that work for accident claim companies since by opting for legal services from a reputed company claimants can rest assured that they will get good services. Since these companies have a lot of competition they have to work hard to earn and protect their reputation which means that claimants get the best services by opting for these companies. In addition claim companies may also offer additional value added services like the facility to talk to a solicitor online or the facility to track an existing claim online.

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