Frequently Asked Questions for Filing a Road Traffic Accident Claim

by admin on October 5, 2010

A road traffic accident claim is usually filed when a claimant is injured in an accident on the road due to no fault of his own. The following paragraphs will help you understand more facts about road traffic accident claims.

I was injured in a hit and run accident, what do I do?
In the case of a hit and run accident the claimant should note down the name of the street on which the accident occurred. The claimant should also note down other important details like the license registration number of the other vehicle. If the claimant could not note this detail then he should note other details like the make, model of the other vehicle and a brief description of the other driver or rider. The claimant should then take these details and visit a road accident solicitor who will help the claimant understand what steps have to be taken to get maximum injury compensation.

I missed work due to the road traffic accident, can I get additional compensation?
If your employer is already not providing compensation for missed days due to an injury or illness then you can claim for additional compensation by providing proof that you missed work due to the injury. Claimants can also claim lost wages if they are not employed provided they can prove that they would have earned a certain amount in those days but they could not due to the accident.

Due to the road traffic accident my vehicle was damaged, what should I do?
Claimants may be eligible to get additional compensation if their vehicle or property was damaged due to the negligence of the other driver. To get added compensation the claimant should ask an adjuster to evaluate his vehicle or he should get his vehicle repaired but keep all bills and receipts safe. The selected road accident solicitor will take all these documents and submit the necessary copies along with the road traffic accident claim.

How much will I have to pay to an auto accident solicitor?
Auto accident solicitors that offer no win no fee services do not charge any fees for their services. These solicitors also do not charge any consultation costs if they offer the no obligatory service. By hiring a no win no fee auto accident solicitor claimants can not only get free legal advice but they can also get assistance to complete majority of the claim related tasks. The selected solicitor, will not only take copies of various documents but he will also brief the witness, represent the claimant in court and talk to all other related parties involved in the case.

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