Has anyone gone through a workmans comp, back injury claim?

by admin on May 14, 2010

I’m getting ready to have back surgury after an injury at work. does anyone know my rights after all is said and done? the dr. said i would probably always have pain and may not be able to go back to driving a truck for a living. i dont think workmans comp will pay for ever, so after surgury is that it, or do i recieve some sort of compensation, after all the pain is forever and i will have to change jobs

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1moe4u May 14, 2010 at 7:52 am

Yes, Iv’e been going through a severe back injury and several other injuries that I sustained at work almost 5Yrs. ago!! I’ve had several surgeries, too!
It depends on your State. I too drove a truck, and now have "tungston-hardware"(metal) implanted in my back, along with severe nerve damage, so I’ll never drive a truck again; and it is all that I know how to do, as well.
First, look up your State’s workers’ comp. web-site, or contact your local office and talk to an "Ombudsman" and ask for all of the booklets concerning injured workers, then read them. Get everything in writing from now on!! Don’t talk to anyone other than your Doctor! Never speak about your case to anyone(insurance, employer, neighbor) without a lawyer.
You should be getting comp. pay right now while you are off of work, and even after surgery, and during recovery you should get TTD(temporary total disability) pay.
In my "chicken-sh*t" state, they don’t pay "Lump-Sum" settlements, but for the rest of my life I am covered(medical) for all care pertaining to my accident.
My friend, be prepared for the "FIGHT" of your life, from now on, with the "DAMN’d" insurance company, along with your state’s comp. board!
I am still fighting those sorry Bastards, for everything that I am entitled to! Remember this: Insurance companies are still a business, and live for "revenue" and every penny they spend on you, means NO Bonus or exotic vacation to Acapulco, or Bahamas, every quarter!! I know this fact from experience, in having to deal with those Bastards for the past five years!!!
If you live in a State that does allow "Lump-Sum" settlements, you better consider it real hard, because that will be all you get once you take it! If you can not return to your old job(trucking), then the ins. or your current employer will have to pay to re-train you in a job that you like and can perform, at your current or higher wage that you made before you were injured- look at your State "D.O.L."(Dep’t of Labor) web-site also.
Good Luck with everything, I hope you "fare" better than I have….

chillierrogue6 May 14, 2010 at 7:52 am

You need a lawyer NOW to protect your future medical bill rights. Go to this site:

they do have to pay for travel to and from surgery, doctor appointments, and therapy. But I tell ya, you need to get a lawyer NOW! GOD Bless.

misspipik May 14, 2010 at 7:52 am

you probably will have a 25% permanent injury. so you get 10 grand…..you continue to receive 2/3 of your regular check tax free. maybe 2 or three years. but that won’t last for ever. you will go through rehab…if you take a test called the MMPI (almost 600 questions) the answers will determine whether or not you are predisposed to being a free loader. if it does you will never see the cameras taping you. here are some tips and some of them are great fun…get off the couch and off the computer. sitting in front of a computer is the worst thing you can do (oy my back) you gotta f-cuk the wife! you on top with your palms on the bed with your elbows locked……A) you are doing an extension of your low back. this is good…. A+ your weight is not on your wife’s chest so she might have her first orgasm….

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