Have you had a scar injury claim from work?

by admin on December 6, 2010

I recieved a laceration on my middle finger back in july due to a workplace injury. The claim was accepted and I recieved workers compensation. Last week I received a call from the insurance company saying that I am entitled to money for my scar. I looked this up and viewed documents from Massachusetts law (I do live in MA) that says disfigurations (burns and scars) on the hand can result in on time reimbursements no larger than ,000. I was curious if anyone else had gone through a similar situation. I know the document I viewed said it was negotiable. Should I try to get as close as possible to ,000, How firm should I be?, Should I accept any offer they give? I am bothered by the scar and It is very sensitive.
If you received scars or burns that everyone could see, would you not want compensation for that? Additionally this is in reference to workers compensation insurance. My employer failed to maintain safe equipment and I had my hand crushed in a large mixer because of the lack of safety equipment these machines come with.

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Karen December 6, 2010 at 1:04 am

I don’t believe it.

You scab. How can you do this? This is why insurance is so high – bogus claims like this.

PS-Workman’s comp IS insurance. You must be very young. Yes, I agree if your hand is crushed you should be able to place a claim. But that’s not what you said. You said you had a SCAR CLAIM. What the helk!! I still say that is bogus. If a scar claim were valid, I should think I would be a multi-millionaire by now. Unless you are a hand model (which you are not since you are working in a factory), I still say it’s bogus.

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