help i want to become a Certified Nurse Assitant!?

by admin on September 29, 2010

I live in Sylmar California and am a guy and need help, how do i get a cna license, what school? hopefully i dont need college, can i volunteer at my moms cna workplace n get experience to help me get that job if i get a license. My mom told me her own workplace only wants women, sounds sexist n as well that if i go to work with her they wouldnt want me helping patient since accident might acure, i think i can volunteer without working with most patients. weres the school n how muck MONEY IT COST TO GO. im 19 n have 1200$ is that enought. my mom got the job without knowing much english n no college or high school diploma. i think i can get that job, i dont care if its low pay just want a job n sounds like a cool job almost like taking care of children, well not exactly

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redhed September 29, 2010 at 12:06 am

I teach medical courses in California.

If you want good quality, low cost CNA training your best bets would be your local junior college, adult school or ROP programs.

A lot of companies do not want family members working together. If nothing else you will most likely need to disclose that information on your application.

It does seem sexist that places prefer women to men, however it is often not the employer who has the issue with men but rather the patients who have a problem with male caregivers. My husband served as a CNA and even studied and served as a massage therapist and it is true that it is one of the few industries where men have a disadvantage. Many ladies do not want a gentleman helping them with bathing and such due to modesty issues. However, he did have an advantage when having to deal with male patients and patients who had trouble lifting themselves.

If you get your CNA in California you can go on if you choose and become a home health aide. The pay is about the same, perhaps a bit better, and you usually focus on one or two patients in their home versus 25 to 30 at a SNF.

Maddy September 29, 2010 at 12:06 am

Okay, don’t panic, you’re completely fine. I am 19 as well, turn 20 in January, and last June I just completed my Certified Nursing Assistant class which only lasted 4 weeks, it cost me 875$, which is about average, maybe on the cheap side, the state test to become state certified is 176$. I start working September 7th, and will be making 11 dollars an hour. So it’s not a bad career to have while you are going through college, Now, google places to get a cna license, or either call your local community college? They sometimes will offer classes for cheaper.

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