how much should i settle my auto injury claim for?

by admin on November 1, 2010

Question Details: i had an acccident about a year and half ago and i was a passenger. i have no health insurance and have been footing all medical bills thus far. i am writing a deman letter right now but am wondering how much should be my compensation request.
here’s a brief summary. the other driver is at complete fault. i have all soap notes from doctors,bills and reports. we were hit head on while on our way to my root canal surgery, i was having my permanent put in. i had to go in 2 weeks later wearing a cervical collar. i have choronditis, back sprains and horrible knee contusions still left on my foot. my doctor has recommended physical therapy for up to 3 months but i can’t afford to go anymore thus why i am trying to settle.
total medical bills is about 12,000 not including other misc like pills.
i just don’t want to ask too high or be taken for a fool,so please help. thanks.


friendly advice from maine November 1, 2010 at 11:45 pm

I recently settled on an accident where i received less injury and my bills were about 7000. I got 25K less 7k for medical bills less 8k+ for the lawyers. Got just over 10k for all my back pain which continues sometimes. You dont wanna ask too low. I would see a lawyer unless you think you will do better without one. They insurance company started at 18000 and my lawyer got another 7k from them. You never get enough.
Loss wages. loss of consortium (thats sex), pain and suffering and if you had to pay someone who did work for you because you couldnt. All that and more should be considered when demanding settlement.

bmac November 1, 2010 at 11:45 pm

You need to consult your lawyer about that. Don’t say you can’t afford it. In this case, the lawyer would take your case on a "contingency basis." That means it would cost you NOTHING to hire him/her. They will get you the most money they can, then they will get paid out of your settlement money. This gives them incentive to get you the MOST money–because then they get more money, too. If you do this on your own, I can guarantee you will get taken. Lawyers can ALWAYS get you more money. Call one.

luisa_mapacha November 1, 2010 at 11:45 pm

You need legal help with this letter. Call an injury lawyer.

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