How to File Accident Claims

by admin on June 9, 2010

Most claimants who want to file accident claims are not aware that certain things have to be done for their claims to be accepted. This article will help you understand the process of filing accident claims and a few things that must be done before you contact an accident claim solicitor.

In order to file accident claims the first thing the claimant must do is to follow the law. If the accident has occurred on the road then the claimant will have to follow road accident rules. This includes contacting the police and calling an ambulance if anyone is hurt. The police will file an official report and the ambulance will ensure that injuries do not worsen. Getting a copy of the police report is very important since this will act as proof that a road accident occurred. If the accident occurred at work then the claimant will have to follow his office’s work accident rules. This includes informing one superior of the accident and seeking medical help. The superior will file the details of the accident in an official work accident book and this will act as proof that an accident at work occurred. The claimant also has to contact his insurance company if an accident on the road has occurred. The claimant will need to alert the insurer of the accident and provide brief details of the accident. The insurance company will call back the claimant within 48 hours for more details.

The second thing the claimant must do while filing an accident claim is to find a witness so that the claimant has additional proof that an accident did occur. The claimant should ensure that the witness was present at the time the accident occurred and that he has seen what happened since the witness will be asked questions by the authorities. The claimant also should visit a general practitioner within a few days to ensure that there were no internal injuries or added injuries like whiplash.

The general practitioner will enter relevant details into the claimant’s medical report and this will act as proof that the claimant suffered injuries due to the accident. The claimant should remember to collect all the bills, receipts and discharge papers before he leaves the hospital since he will need them later on.

The final thing that must be done before filing accident claims is to contact a local accident claim solicitor who will provide legal advice to the claimant. The solicitor will also follow up with the insurance company and talk to the adjuster so that the claimant gets 100 percent compensation. In order to find local solicitors the claimant can either contact an independent solicitor or he can contact an accident settlement company that provides free legal services and no obligatory services. Accident settlement companies can be found through the internet since majority of these companies have websites.

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