I need help with a personal injury case?

by admin on July 30, 2010

It’s been a year since the accident. I am still suffering from neck, back and thumb pain. I have been out of work since the accident. My life has changed dramatically to say the least. I’ve done EVERYTHING my lawyer said to do.I wasn’t able to drive for 2 months had to rely on my wife. The list goes on and on. So now he comes the settlement. I almost got sick when I saw ,000 before the lawyer fees paying off Dr. bills etc. I was told I am at a 13% permanent impairment rating. Pain medication does not work just makes me sleepy. I have mood swings which I take out on my wife and kids. They say my neck is permanent and I may need surgery but might not help much. I refuse to sign the release form because once I do that there is nothing I can go after the at fault party for. I’ve read alot of questions and answers just like some I was wondering what to do. I don’t think my lawyer checked their assests,but did a little checking myself. My lawyer claims that’s it. I was like there is no way after a year out of work loss wages pain and suffering I just did not understand. I’m sore all the time and also not happy. I’m get depressed sometimes and still have a hard time driving I only do it because my wife can’t do it all. I want to go to court but my lawyer was telling me all the worse case scenarios. I feel that they should want to go to court and fight fight fight. I will never be the same again. Oh did I state I believe the at fault party well the father may own a business? Why should I have to dig for something like that? Shouldn’t the lawyers be their toes on doind this? I’m not looking to be greedy I just want to be taken care of. I also forgot what if I cannot go back to doind what I used to? I worked on cars and I cannot bend stretch etc. Please help should I seek another lawyer? I live in Hernand county anybody know of anyone?

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wartz July 30, 2010 at 6:59 pm

If you can’t get the answer you want from a trained lawyer, the amateurs here are the better source. What’s wrong with this picture?

stayl8749 July 30, 2010 at 6:59 pm

You should have said no to the original settlement and asked for more never take the first or second offer, You cans till sue whatever was the cause of the accidnet within 6 years of it. But i was in an accident first they offered 10 then 30 thou and i said no the third they offered 150 thousand.

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