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1. Which of the following triggered the Second Industrial Revolution? (Points: 5)
Entrepreneurs figured out how to extract coal much more efficiently.

Geologists discovered vast quantities of petroleum in Germany.

Innovators figured out how to produce steel cheaply.

Engineers developed a much faster steam engine.

2. Why did workers band together to form labor unions? (Points: 5)
to improve working conditions

to revolt

to modernize factories

to make employees work more efficiently

3. Which statement is associated with the correct thinker? (Points: 5)
Adam Smith – government should control most businesses in a country

Karl Marx – all of history has been a struggle between classes of people

Robert Owen – a factory owner’s only responsibility to his workers is to pay fair wages

Keir Hardie – socialism is a new and revolutionary idea that no one has tried before

4. At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, European leaders started to introduce social reforms. Which of the following was not a reform? (Points: 5)
the establishment of workhouses

guaranteed employment for all working-age people

accident insurance for workers injured in the workplace

benefits to workers who became unemployed

5. What natural resource contributed significantly to the rapid industrialization of Great Britain and Germany? (Points: 5)




6. Which European nation was the largest producer of steel in the early twentieth century? (Points: 5)

Great Britain



7. Use the information in the box and your knowledge to answer the question that follows.

Look at the list of characteristics in the box. Which additional characteristic would a nation need before it could become an industrial society?

(Points: 5)
plenty of housing for the workers

a steady supply of electricity

natural resources

arable land to grow food to feed the people

8. The United States’ economy prospered more than European economies after World War I. Which of the following best explains why this was so? (Points: 5)
The United States had been spared the physical ruin of war.

European nations were mostly Communist or socialist.

Labor unions in European nations restricted economic growth.

The United States� economy was based on capitalism.

10. Which statement below would an Islamist be most likely to agree with? (Points: 5)
All aspects of society�political, legal, economic, social, and cultural�should be guided by strict Muslim teaching.

If people of the Muslim world wish to become dominant in international affairs, they must adopt Western culture and values.

To improve economic conditions for people in the nations of the Middle East, it is important to promote greater cooperation and understanding with Europeans.

Muslim nations should use the Latin alphabet and encourage more education for women.

11. After Turkey gained its independence, its leader took all of the following steps to transform Turkish life except __________. (Points: 5)
creating a public education system

joining church and state

changing the Turkish alphabet to Latin letters

giving women new rights

12. Both the Arabs and the Jews were eager to attain their nationalist goals in the twentieth century. Where did the two groups experience the greatest conflict? (Points: 5)
Eastern Europe




13. All of the following contributed to the Great Depression except __________. (Points: 5)
American companies did less business overseas

Germany ignored the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles

the value of stocks plummeted and people lost money

Europe struggled to recover from World War I

14. What did Adolf Hitler believe about race? (Points: 5)
The German nation should be one of many races.

Religion is more of a defining force in history than race.

The Aryan and Slavic races should rule Europe.

Race is the defining force in history.

15. Which of the following is not a shared characteristic of communism and fascism? (Points: 5)
The greater good of society is more important than individual liberties.

The leaders are often dictators.

The governments tend to establish totalitarian control over the people.

The governments encourage entrepreneurs to start businesses.

16. From which two classical civilizations did modern Western countries get most of their ideas about the v

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Mopery Sharper June 16, 2010 at 2:27 pm

That’s a lot of homework questions there. Did you make any attempt to answer at least one question on your own? You can find the answer to each and every one of these questions in your textbook.
Truthfully, why should you expect anyone to do your homework for you, especially if you exert no effort on your own. You end up learning nothing, wasting your teacher’s time, and costing your parents money.

Bri June 16, 2010 at 2:27 pm

lol cheating on your history final.

M June 16, 2010 at 2:27 pm

you do know that is due today right? lol i’m in the same class. Garvey?

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