Jones Act Law Saves Life

by admin on September 15, 2010

There were several law passed in response to the need of the society. Law were complexed but it won’t be if we were going to go deep beyond it an began to realized how significant it was it a certain aspect of an individuals life and in a certain issue.

Labor Law was made up several specific law for a certain instance and field. One of the industry that was in high risk was the maritime industry, you may heard of the updates on different incidents offshore, there were cargo ships collide with each other, ships sunk, oil rigs accidents, oil spills, there were also personal injuries noted. No matter how you took care of yourself and convinced yourself that you were bot attracted to accident but it was reliable because anyone, anywhere at any moment without given situation you may became the next subject of an unexpected event that may result into negligence.

Because the risk that maritime workers were engage into, in 1920, the merchant Marine Act 0f 1920 was passed in order to took response of the protection of the maritime workers. The said law was passed by Senator Jones Wesley and it was commonly know as the Jones Act Law.

For the maritime workers this law was the shield that protects them from negligence, away from being helpless and end into total nothingness. If you were an employee who renders service in a company under maritime industry you must know and certainly make sure that you were protected under Jones Act Law and it was very in clear in you mind the details of it, your claims and how it works. In the end Jones Act Law will save your life and your love ones future.

Think of it if Jones Act doesn’t exist and you met an accident and in a critical condition, and at the same time you were the only source of the families income. What will happened to you, the company might gave you you compensation and pay your hospital bills but until when? Is that assessment applicable to all workers that may face an accident or an injury? And what about your family? With Jones Act Law their were stated specifics claims for a worker and that what you must know.

Be aware of your rights and your claims.

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Life seems to unpredictable, those who were not expected will came to life. For the workers rendering services to a maritime industry Jones Act Law was their shield while soaring the dangers of the open ocean.
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