More workmans compensation issues, why!?!?!?

by admin on August 9, 2010

I am going to try to be a specific as possible to avoids idiots.

I was injured June 25th 2010 (index finger tendon laceration 21/2 inches total length long at least. Down to the bone. A deep enough cut to to get surgery tendon and nerve repair 25 stitches total the cut looks like a "J") Surgery on July 1st 2010. I was off of work until July 12th 2010 then the doctor allowed me to go back to work on light duty no use of left arm at all. I followed the directions so far to the T to avoid problems.

Now the person who deals with work related injury at my place of work said I qualified for 9 days of compensation. I said "ok, good how long will this usually take to process" He replied "A couple days to get all of the stuff, wage statements and all the paperwork the claim handler needs (Chartis is the insurance company). After 3 days I call the person who handles the work related injuries (HR guy is what we will call him). I say "Did the claim handler receive everything yet? "Yes." he replied "You should see it in the mail within the week."

After I spoke with him I call the claim handler give her all the information she needed from me she said that she has not received anything from HR guy I say in my head "WHAT THE FU*K!" I call him back after speaking with her he says that they have not requested the wage statements need in order to pay me. 2/3 of my average weekly wage about 9 1 week total (I keep all my statements organized by week).

A day goes by I talk to her first she says again that she has not received anything from HR guy "It might be on my assistants desk let me check." 2-3 minutes go by" No he doesn’t have anything it might be with the clergy department, let me check with them." another 2-3 minutes go by "I am sorry but I don’t see anything with them." I say "Ok, can I speak with someone in the clergy department or your assistant?" "Sure." she says "Let me get someone for you" another 2-3 minutes go by " I do not see my assistant or anyone in the clergy department" By this point I am just fed up if they don’t want to pay me that is totally fine( I do need the money, I am saying like if they don’t have to pay me by law or whatever loop hole they go through), JUST TELL ME. STOP TRYING TO SCREW WITH ME OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. I find it impossible that the clergy department is empty and her assistant is gone.

After you read that I want this/these questions answered the best you can.

What can I do to get the money owed to me?
Who can I speak to?
Would going to my plant manager help this issue along?

Thank you to those that can help

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Don Drapers woman August 9, 2010 at 9:28 am

Ask your adjuster if she can use your pay stubs since your employer is not providing payroll information. Your adjuster is unable to do her job without payroll information from your employers. Chartis used to be AIG, by the way. What do you mean by clergy department?? If you do not get a check soon ask to speak to your adjusters supervisor.

cainvest1 August 9, 2010 at 9:28 am

Sorry to hear they are giving you the runaround. But if you remain calm, firm and polite you will get your money.

You should go to plant manager and explain what steps you have taken. Write down a bullet point list based on the dates, times and who you talked to as you did here. (Take the drama a notch it is unprofessional, but understandable. Report ONLY the facts. Leave the emotions out of it.)

Ask for help. That is part of his/her job. Allow a week to see if they get on with it.

If not, politely tell the plant manager that you are going to have to go to your state workers compensation commission and file a grievance of non-payment of your claim if they can not provide you with a quick resolution. You are covered under labor law and they should make good on your claim quickly.

Good luck.

mbrcatz August 9, 2010 at 9:28 am

OK, first of all, how many days of compensation you qualify for, VARIES BY STATE. And you don’t MENTION that state. So it’s QUITE possible, that the person who told you that you get 9 days, was wrong, because the EMPLOYER cannot override state law. Many states, you have to be off work completely for 10 days OR MORE, before you’re even eligible.

Second, it typically takes 3 – 6 weeks before lost wages checks start coming.

Third – clergy department?

As to your direct questions: First, you verify to the adjuster, what the correct fax number is. Ask them if they can accept the documentation via email. Then, you go to the HR department, and ask to watch them fax it to the correct number. Ask for a copy of the fax confirmation sheet. Or ask if you can scan & email it, with delivery confirmation. Then, give it 15 minutes, and call the adjuster back, to see if they have now received the paperwork. And just like shampoo, repeat until desired outcome (that means, keep doing it every 15 minutes, until the adjuster receives the paperwork and TELLS you they have the paperwork.

Your options are limited, this early on. If you have a caseworker, or a workers comp coordinator, that’s the person you need to talk to – twice a day. You can also try talking to the workers comp claim adjuster, and going to your plant manager might help – might not, but probably can’t hurt.


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