Pregnant and in a Car Accident: What to Do?

by admin on June 14, 2010

I was in car accident 3 months ago and at the time I was 3 months pregnant. I was not at fault but had to be taken to the hospital because the airbag deployed and hit me in my stomach and breast area. I substation burns from the airbag and whiplash. I saw a chiropractor for a month but had to stop because the practiced file the claim on my insurance and my insurance company would only pay $10 per visit and i had to pay the rest and I was going 3x a week. I’ve also been having pains so in my stomach so i decided to continue after I have my baby. I haven’t settle the medical claim with the other insurance yet because i want to make sure my baby is ok but my question is can i include in my settlement to the other insurance company for future visits to the chiropractor after i have my baby?


Jackie, I am a Florida accident injury lawyer, and car accident laws vary from state to state. Your email does not indicate what state you live in. Laws vary from state to state, so what you can recover in your state may be different that in Florida. To learn exactly what type damages you can recover in a car accident claim in your state you should consult with an experienced car accident injury lawyer in your area.


Most accident injury claims settlements in Florida will factor money in for future medical care. If you were to go to trial in Florida for your car accident, a jury gets to consider the specific question of medical bills, whatever you have paid in the past, AND any amount you may incur in the future. So, you should absolutely ask for money for future medical care when you settle your claim.


Your email also doesn’t say how old you are. You will probably feel the effects of the injuries for a long time to come. Any settlement you enter into should account not just for your past and future medical bills, but also take into consideration past and future pain and suffering related to the injuries, and the difficulty it causes you in your every day activities.


My advice is to speak with an accident injury attorney in your area and ask him/her their thoughts on any settlement being offered. I have had clients come to me after having already received a settlement offer from the insurance company. If I can’t do any better than they have already done, I’ll tell them up front. No need to create false expectations, but at least you’ll have a valid second opinion. If the accident injury lawyer thinks the settlement offer is not fair, they’ll let you know.


Most accident injury lawyers handle car accident claims on a contingent basis. This means that you are not responsible for attorneys fees is the lawyer does not make a recovery for you. So, you really have nothing to lose by at least consulting with an attorney in your area.

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