Rollover Accidents

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Some of the most common and deadly truck accidents are rollover accidents. Taller and narrower vehicles are more susceptible to rollover accidents, with the tallest trucks being the big rigs that haul goods all across the country. When large trucks are involved in rollover accidents, they frequently cause a lot of damage. The most common cause of trucker accident fatalities are roll over accidents, with the second being vehicle fires due to hazardous cargo.

Rollover Accident Statistics

Each year there are approximately 300,000 motor vehicle accidents in the United States, with more than 40,000 accident fatalities. Large trucks are involved in approximately 4,000 fatal accidents. Of those fatalities, only around 800 of those who died were the driver of the truck, meaning that most deaths occurred in other vehicles involved.

The most dangerous type of accident for truck drivers is the rollover accident. Approximately 55 percent of driver fatalities are caused in rollover accidents, with fuel fires accounting for approximately 10 percent.

Factors in Rollover Accidents

Several factors and a lot of science go into determining whether a vehicle is prone to rollover accidents. Typically, vehicles with a higher profile, like a semi truck or SUV are more prone to tipping. They have a higher center of gravity and require less force to send them head over heels. Cars that sit low to the ground have a low center of gravity and require more force, greater speed, or some sort of impediment or adverse weather contribution.

Some of the factors that may turn a vehicle over include:
• Cornering
• Speed
• Collisions
• Going over a critical slope

Additional factors may involve manufacturing defects or vehicle design flaws. When an accident occurs, it is important to determine if there was some sort of defect or flaw that contributed to the accident. In those cases, a third party may be held liable for damages in the event of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Types of Rollover Accidents

Although there are many forces that can cause a rollover accident, three are just two major types of rollover accidents:

• Tripping – When your vehicle moves to the side of the road and meets some change in the road conditions, either a curb or soft shoulder. Combined with speed, slope, and curves in the road, this is the most common type of rollover accidents.
• Non-Tripping – This type of accident occurs in approximately 5 percent of rollover accidents, and is caused by top-heavy vehicles. Instead of tripping, the weight of the vehicle combined with speed and slope cause the vehicle to roll.

Common Accident Injuries

Rollover accidents can be especially dangerous as they occur at higher rates of speed and involve more damage to the driver compartment. Airbags and other safety devices, other than seatbelts, are less effective in rollover accidents too. All too often, seatbelts are not worn causing the driver or passengers to be ejected from the vehicle. High speed and catastrophic crushing collisions contribute to traumatic injuries including:

• Spinal cord injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Fractures

These types of injuries may result in lifelong financial hardships and disabilities that are not covered by insurance. Those responsible for the accident may be held liable for monetary damages.

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