Settle Your Own Injury Claim

by admin on July 15, 2010

An irresponsible driver had just hityou and now you have to have the car towed, inspected, and repaired (correctly, hopefully).

You must also had to get a rental car, fill out paperwork, file a claim, call different 1-800 numbers, be put on hold, worry about your insurance rates, and take recorded statements.

You will have to arrange for medical care, process paperwork so the ambulance provider and doctors get paid,and lose time from workbut still meet your bills, expenses, and obligations.

You are supposed to do all these on your own – even if you have full coverage!

And the worst part: insurance adjusters will attempt to devalue your claim and not give you any compensation for your inconvenience.

Simply put, this is very unfair! – But I can help!

The person that hit you did not have any real consequences.You have to deal with an adjuster and hope that they treat you right-UNTIL NOW!

Here’s the story…


Insurance Companies Take Advantage of Consumers Like You

They know that if you want to get legal representation, a lawyer will take anywhere from 30 to 50% of your settlement!

In fact, if your case goes to trial, they will take at least 60% to account for “legal cost”!

You would end up with less money than your attorney!

But, insurance companies know that if you are not represented, you will likely settle for SUBSTANTIALLY less than you are LEGALLY ENTITLED TO.

They hope that you do not fully understand your legal rights and therefore not stand up for them.

I wrote this eBook to teach you how to settle your own injury claim!

With this information, you can ask for recovery of all the damages you are entitled to and substantially increase your settlement award!

Most Unrepresented Parties Do Not Know that They Are Entitled to Recover for Future Pain and Suffering.

This tip alone will cover the cost of these materials many times over.

Stop being trampled by the insurance company. Let’s LEARN and DEFEND your rights!

Learn how I, an attorney, and all the lawyers in my firm settle injury claims. You can keep the entire settlement award.No need to share it with anyone else.

You will have the tools you need to start and finish the settlement process without a lawyer. You will learn what to ask for, what documents you will need, and how to get them!


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