Significance Of Having A Maritime Lawyers

by admin on October 12, 2010

Maritime Lawyers was do not came by profession only but they came in the calling to help those who aim justice for themselves or for their family. Since Maritime Industry came to be one of the riskiest industry, in 1920 through Senator Wesley Jones a law was passed to support the legal rights of the employees rendering their services in a company under maritime industry. The law was called the merchant Marine Act of 1920. It govern maritime questions and offenses, also maritime activities, the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the oceans. It also deals with maritime commerce, shipping, marine navigation, sailors and the transportation of goods and passengers by means of the body of water.

The working routine of a maritime employee was the common reason why they were likely vulnerable to accidents and personal injuries. Primarily maritime employees were working longer number of hours compared to regular working hours. In addition, most of them were working away for couple of months, the said instance may result to lack of medical attention and later on to health complexities where most accidents and personal injuries rose.

It was stated in law that if an employee of maritime industry met an accident or suffers personal injury under the custody of his company, he was entitled of full compensation due to the damage done and this depends to the status of a certain employee.

Maritime Lawyers was responsible for defending their client in order to avoid negligence. There were cases that the company was not giving the just compensation stated on the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 or the Maritime Law, and the maritime lawyers would be their to assess you to win your case and help you have the privileges that you supposed to have.

Always consider the quality and the background of the lawyers before having one to defend your case. It was preferable to have one from a known company with good credentials and have won several related cases as your case. In that way you would be certain that you’ll not end up referred to other lawyer and your case would be solve in just time.

Maritime Lawyers were focused on the cases covered by the Maritime Law, mostly personal injury cases and accidents occurs in a maritime industry. They handled cases like Jones Act claims, serious maritime injuries, international injuries, claims against military contractors and aviation accidents.

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The justice you were hoping depends on the Maritime Lawyers that you were choosing. It was a matter of trust, be wise enough to have the best one that could defend you all the way.
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