Texas Construction accidents why you might need a lawyer

by admin on August 28, 2010

Falling from buildings, explosions, cave-ins, chemical burns and electrocutions– these may sound like scenes from an action movie but they are actually real-life construction accidents. The news headlines are full of these unfortunate accidents.  Although the number of on-the-job deaths has dropped nationally, Texas fatality figures are on the rise.  These construction accidents are occurring all over Texas and especially in Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Worth construction areas. In spite of the fact that extra equipment inspectors have been sent to Texas to try to counteract these occurrences, they are still happening. Some of the conditions that contribute to a higher number of accidents are: workers not being provided the correct equipment, trenches not being properly supported, equipment failures or malfunctions, improper electrical grounding and even faulty inspections due to falsification or bribery. Working on the construction site is dangerous enough without having to worry about inferior tools or companies that may prefer profits over safety.

In order to maintain and foster a safe construction site, all safety measures should be followed and should be enforced by the general contractor and subcontractors. Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. So testing of roofing and scaffolding and making sure ladders are used correctly could prevent many accidents. Another common construction accident is being struck by heavy equipment or objects.  Hard hats should be worn at all times as well as other necessary protective gear. Using debris nets, staying within the lifting capacity of cranes and operating equipment with an unobstructed view are key ways to avoid these types of hazards.

However, even if all the preventative safety measures have been taken accidents still happen.  An injured worker may receive workers’ compensation for their injuries. Yet, this compensation is limited and may not be sufficient enough to cover the losses they have incurred. There are Dallas construction accident lawyers and Fort Worth construction accident lawyers available through Hart Law who specialize in this part of the law and can fight to have you compensated by the parties responsible.

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Ms. Smith attends the University of Texas at Austin and is currently a fourth year, Pre-Law student. She is interested in having her own practice in personal injury and learning about Texas Law. Currently, she is interested in studying the legal practices of Texas personal injury lawyers and Fort Worth trucking accident lawyers.
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