Vocational Rehab (VR) question?

by admin on September 8, 2010

employer can’t create a job to fit within your restrictions my job don’t offer any light duty work
doctor said no lifting carrying out reach above shoulder level no more then 10 pounds with left shoulder.
i had surgery done but there are still problem with the collar bone where it was shaved down
the therapist recommended i explore VR now what is this exactly can i pick the field or school of my choosing will i still receive a check while going to school and will i receive any other compensation for this WC injury. Who i need to talk with to see if i Quality for this program
The shoulder was not a 100% healed when the doctor said i had to go back to work now i am back on it under the original claim.

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Starlight September 8, 2010 at 9:35 am

You need to look up the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for your state and find the office that services your area. The VR office will set up an interview to talk to about your problems, why you need VR, and if you qualify for their services.

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