What to Do If You Are Injured At a Theme Park

by admin on July 30, 2010

You probably have a good idea of what you should do if you are in a car accident, but theme park accidents are something we do not normally prepare for. However, taking the proper action if you are injured at a theme park is something you must do to preserve your legal rights so you will have the best chance of getting the theme park to pay for your injuries. It can also save your life.


Immediately After a Theme Park Injury

Due to the nature of theme park rides and the forces involved, you can be injured even if the ride does not malfunction. Brain injuries and other internal injuries may not seem severe at first, and you may not realize that you have a life-threatening injury. If you feel that you have been injured, get help immediately.

• Ask for medical assistance.

• Report your injury to theme park staff.

• If police are called to the scene cooperate fully. Get their names and badge numbers. Do not admit fault in any way.

• Ask the theme park for a copy of their report.

• Get names and contact information from all witnesses.

• Take pictures of the scene of the accident, your injuries, the ride operator, and anything else that may be relevant.

• Keep all of your theme park ticket stubs and receipts.

• Do not admit fault, even if you think you may have contributed to your own injury.

• Do not sign anything offered to you by the theme park or its representatives. No matter what they say you are signing, you may be signing away your right to compensation for your injury.

• Do not get security officers for the theme park confused with real police officers. Do not sign anything offered by security guards.


When You Leave the Theme Park

• Go to the emergency room for a through examination.

• Write down everything you can remember about the incident as soon as you are able.

• If you have damaged property or clothing, keep it as evidence – do not wash bloody items of clothing or throw away items broken in your accident, do take pictures of all of these items.

• Contact a theme park accident attorney right away. Time limits will apply to your case. If you are vacationing from out of town it is important that you contact a local attorney right away. Do not wait until you go home so that you can talk to your hometown attorney. You need to work with someone who has experience with theme park accidents and local laws. If you have an attorney at home, your theme park attorney and your local attorney may choose to coordinate on some aspects of your case.

• If you are from out of town and your injuries force you to extend your stay, keep records of all expenses created by that extension including lodging, rental car, meals, the cost of changing your flight, and any time missed from work

• Also keep records of costs for extended child care, house sitting, pet boarding, and other travel-related services you must extend at home while you are away.

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