workplace safety video

by admin on July 24, 2010

entered this in the ontario workplace safety contest. the video that won first place was really good, but i gotta say the second and third place didnt try at all. But yeah, i suppose chopping off body parts wasnt the best way to win the judge’s hearts. Anyways, the guy in the film is luke. We pretty much just saw him in the caf and asked, “hey, you wanna be in our video?” The music is played by Derek on his guitar. If you’re wondering, it was played in fast forward most of the video, and backwards at the end when the clock swings by. (dereks idea. I think is sounds cooler backwards than forwards.) Behold our wonderous green screen abilities! We put green tape on, but that didnt really work. So we chopped off lukes finger. He’ll live. Remember kids, safety is cool!

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